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Default Re: The Official "Mike Woodson is the Official HC" Thread

So we'd rather have the players totally disinterested like the was overall with D'antoni?

What ever it takes to get these guys to play with effort and heart every night, I'm all for it.

But let's be realistic.....

Phil can't possibly see anything on this team that remotely resembles players who can effectively work in the triangle.

Our 4 and 5's can't dribble, and our guard's aren't spot up shooters.

Maybe Melo could run it, but essentially he'd be in the exact same boat he was with D'antoni....tasked on doing everything on offense.

Sloan just wants a job, and honestly any coach interviewing for the Bobcats aint my guy.

The draft is coming up as is free agency, and that means something from both sides.

Gotta swing for the fences in that 2nd round and snatch up at least one non draftee, but at least we'll know the players selected will be drafted to fit what the coach needs for the team.

Hopefully a defensive minded guard who can create, and defensive minded 4 who can pass out of the post.

Free agency players will be contacting our players to ask about Woodson vs saying, "damn that team doesn't even have a coach".

Players have to endorse the coach, we saw how that turned out with D'antoni.
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