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Default Re: If we are drafting a big at #9

I'd like to see us take a Jones,Moultrie or maybe Henson. It sucks that we can't really go G again because I like some of the SGs in this draft,J.Lamb especially. It also sucks we can't take Sullinger, as he is one of the surest things in this draft but would pair awfully with Monroe defensively. Sullinger is a lock to be David West,Carlos Boozer type player in this league, with better passing. He'll have a high FG%,rebound rate and assist rate for his position.

We need athleticimsm and length next to Monroe first and foremost, but we also need a Sf of the future. My board would look like this

Davis,Robinson,Drummond,Barnes,MKG,Beal,Lamb,T.Jon es,P.Jones,Moultrie,Henson,Sullinger,Harkless,Leon ard.
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