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Default Re: So... Wth are we going to do during offseason to make sure this won't happen again?

I thinke we as bulls fans have to be realistic. This team is not good enough to beat miami. I saw this after watching how the heat dismantled the pacers without bosh. With a healthy bosh, the heat wouldve probably won in 5 games tops. Perhaps sweep a pacer team i felt wouldve given the bulls problems. And the heat are who were competing against in the grand scheme of things.

And i believed that even without rose, and noah, i felt the bulls shouldve been good enough to beat the sixers. Deng is what he is, and i feel thats overpayed. I like him. But not at the amount of salary hes being paid. The same goes for noah. Boozer is just flatout not what this bulls team needs.

Looking back at the 90s bulls dynasty, we saw how great thaat team was when in 94 without jordan, they took the eventuaal eastern conference champs to seven games. But thats because they had two franchise players in jordan and pippen. Then, two more very good players in rodman and kukoc. Both of whom are on a higher level talentwise than boozer, deng and noah.

We need a second franchise type player. The bulls as constructed are good, but not good enough. Even at full strength.
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