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Default Re: The Official "Mike Woodson is the Official HC" Thread

You guys are making solid points on this, and I do agree to an extent.

Although, I just think sometimes you just KNOW what you want, and KNOW this is the best situation for you.

Taking it away from basketball a little, when I made my house purchase in Hempstead back in '97, it was recommended through one of my longtime friends in an effort to acquire as a distressed property with the intent to basically flip.

I was considering shopping for my family at the time and my first wife wanted more of a suburban lifestyle, although she loved our brownstone in Carroll Gardens. (still have this house for my residency requirements)

But immediately upon seeing it, I wanted it for myself and family, there was no other search done, I knew this was what I wanted, as long as my lawyer and home inspections checked it out for good.

Sometimes you just know this is for you.

I've never owned another vehicle brand as my primary vehicle other than Maximas either, although my parents are from the BMW breed.

I first saw the '89 Maxima, and have never looked back.

My current wife is on board too, my son though, blah, I hate seeing that Hyundai in the driveway, although I will admit I like his Genesis coupe.
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