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Default Re: The Official "Mike Woodson is the Official HC" Thread

Team Nissan! I get what your saying. Sometimes you just know n dont need to shop around. I wish I did thst with my wife. We met in hs, broke up, i messed with a host of girls i had no business, and ultimately married the woman I knew I should have been with all along. As for cars, ive hand multiple makes. I ultimately bought a nissan because of my dad. He bought a Maxima after always having American luxury cars and having problems with them. I think we both decided foreign is the way to go from now on unfortunately. I almost bought a Hyundai but their customer service at the dealership was awful. Glad I didnt but the Genesis coupe is sick! I will however be buying a Pontiac firebird to fix up. Ive wanted one for years but when my daughter arrived I had to put my dreams on hold lol I love Pontiacs. My first car was a pontiac.

Back to basketball. While I may question the method, and Im not 100% sold on Woody, Im glad we didnt go for the high profile guy yet again. Im glad the guys all went out their way to vouch for Woody. I hope Darrell Walker stays on the staff. Lin or whoever is our pg can learn some defense from him. He was great defender and Shumpert said publicly how much he helped with Shumps already solid defense. Most importantly, even though we only have a 2nd round pick, this offseason is very paramount. So many questions that must get answered. Im just glad our coach isnt one of those variables. Welcome back Woody!
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