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Default Re: Euroleague 2012-13 Teams

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
There are talks that in future only first two teams from ABA will go directly to EL , third best team will play qualifications .

Yeah, I heard about this. Euroleague wants the 2nd placed German League club to get a place. At first they wanted to eliminate Greece's 3rd team having a qualification spot, but I think that would never go over with the Greek League, by eliminating any chance for any team other than PAO and Olympiacos to play in Euroleague. No way should one of the top 2-3 domestic leagues still, agree to that.

Now they are talking about changing places in Adriatic League and also Italian League. Which is even funnier, because that would give the 2nd German club a regular season place. way in hell does the 2nd German team deserve a place. In the qualification round? Maybe. But no way in hell for the regular season.

Euroleague is always bending over backwards to help the French and German teams. It's stupid. Out of both leagues together, there is one good decent, not even good, just decent, team in Brose.

Of course, the Adriatic League has way too many places also. The only team from the Adriatic League deserves a place directly is Partizan. Other teams like Cedevita, Zagreb, Cibona, Olimpija are basically a joke.

Then you have teams like Buducnost getting into the qualifying rounds, which doesn't even make sense. Really, I think Adriatic should just have two places, and give the 3rd and 4th place teams a qualification spot.

As it is now, Adriatic League has way too many places. The decent team in the whole league is Partizan. So, even giving them 2 places directly and several qualification places is being really generous. And no way does the Adriatic League need 3 direct places. It just adds more 0-10 to 3-7 regular season teams.

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