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Originally Posted by miles berg
Why, as a Bucks fan, do you want to move Mags so much?
Because Bogut really isn't a PF. He's not quick enough to guard PF's, and that rediculous game he had against the Suns showed that he's at his best when passing out of the low post. Larry Harris wants to surround Bogut with four shooters (and he has), and I'd like to see what that brings about.
Originally Posted by saKf
*still praying for Magloire for Hassell and filler*
I wouldn't mind a trade like that, which brings us a great defender. Our team is overloaded with scorers, and we need to bolster our defense. Before the porno incident, Hassell + Griffen would have been perfect. Now, I'm not sure what other piece I could hope for from the Wolves. Other guys that I'd like are Childress, or Marquis Daniels.
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