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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
We have no shot at Wroten. His draft stock went way up and some ppl have been talking late lottery. It would take a huge, unforseen slip for us to get him.

I could see him sneaking into the Lottery just off of how desperate teams are for a guy who can be a superstar PG. You've got guys like Wroten & Teague with a lot of upside/potential to be good but right now are just too raw to make an impact at PG. Then guys like Marshall & Lillard with limited upsides for the NBA unless in the right situation.

It just shows how dudes like Josh Selby & Darius Morris should've came back for their Sophmore years and they might be getting talked about as Lottery picks.

But I know that somebody has gotta slip off of poor workouts/character concerns. Nothing against Tony Wroten, but I'll be smiling if he slips on down to 48.
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