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Default Re: Euroleague 2012-13 Teams

Apparently, Euroleague wanted to eliminate Greece's 3rd place team in the qualifying rounds, as one of the spots lost, taking it down from 16 qualifiying round places to 8.

But Panionios supposedly told Euroleague that they will move into a new, state of the art, 8,500 seat arena if Greece keeps the qualifying round place.

So now the owner of Panionios supposedly has a meeting with Jordi Bertomeu to finalize this.

This is more proof of Euroleague simply giving places by money and arenas. Because they were going to drop Greece's place in the qualifying rounds, even though the Greek League said that under the new league rankings, Greece would move into #2 place, up from #3, even though Euroleague takes points away from the league, due to "small arenas and bad attendance".

But then, suddenly, Panionios' owner tells Euroleague that he will pay for the team to move into a nice, new 8,500 seat arena, and suddenly they are back in the picture for a qualification round place.

I think this is pretty much proof that Euroleague is not even basing places on game results at all anymore, even though they keep claiming that they are.

How else could the Greek League move up in the league rankings, and actually lose a place? Then only regain it if Panionios moved into a new arena.

I understand the arena issue, but I think they are taking it too far. The quality of the teams and leagues that get places in the competition should be the first issue, then the arenas. Not the other way around.

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