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Default Re: Official 2012 NBA Draft Lottery Thread

Originally Posted by midatlantic09
Whoever gets the #1 pick should probably trade it in exchange for an already established or semi-established superstar player (preferably one under the age of 26). In my opinion, literally no one in this years draft is truly worthy of using a #1 pick on.
I'm not getting the lack of love for Anthony Davis (and this draft) by some people on this board (not just you). Davis will step into the league with elite shotblocking ability and that is an absolutely massive asset for any NBA team, especially in today's league with its lack of good big men. On top of that, he also does pretty much everything else well for a big man. He has great athleticism, shows some potential with his touch, is very good around the basket on both ends of the court, and he even shows a nice handle for a big guy.

DraftExpress has said that he may be the best big-man prospect that they've seen in their 10 years scouting the draft. Watching him play, it is easy to see why.

Yet, some don't think his game will translate?

I will be forever indebted to the draft gods if they gift us AD the year after landing us Kyrie.
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