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Default Awesome Haslem article o_foul_on_wade/srvc=home&position=recent

MIAMI ó Now the truth can be told, thanks to the freedom and relief that comes with winning. Hell, yes, Udonis Haslem meant to foul Tyler Hansbrough like that. Would do it again, too, if given the chance. He revealed as much after practice Saturday, stitches still on his face, right eye still dark red with blood. And damn if that wounded eye didnít sting a little bit on this big, tough man from Miamiís meanest streets as he tried to articulate exactly what Dwyane Wade means to him. Olí Udonis isnít going weak, not by a long shot, but age tends to bring perspective and appreciation, and those things can soften even a man as hard as Haslem.
"I canít imagine anything I wouldnít do for Dwyane," he says
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