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Default Re: Jeremy Lin not guaranteed to stay with Knicks, says agent

I wouldn't wear it but it's not bad. No grown man NOT named Jeremy Lin should be caught wearing it really. That's suspect lol

The only thing I don't like is the dragon. Reminds me of those kids that used to wear those lame button down shirts that had the Dragon Ball Z characters on it lmao.

I like how they flipped the Harvard logo to say Lin.

I'm colorblind. It looks like purple to me (sorta).

Yea pretty much.... you're colorblind

I've actually been looking for a Knicks or Mets jacket to get. Been searching all over for a Starter jacket. I remember me and my dad had like 3 Knicks ones in my house when I was growing up. All the ones I see now are either worn or ridiculously overpriced.
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