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Default Re: Insanity vs P90X for Basketball?

Yeah, hitting the weights would be the first thing you want to do. You can do it in P90X as a guide if you want. You'd just have to lift heavy with less reps, 1-2 sets probably since you're probably fairly weak. You still have to bench press and leg press, you can do dumbbell bench presses if you can't afford the gym or don't have a barbell and bench. I'm not sure what you can do about the leg press, but you can always google to see if there's a cheaper alternative to buying a gym membership. Invest in a protein powder, take it every morning, after every workout and at night. You'll want to get big before you slim down. Slimming down and then working to get big isn't what you want to do because you'll slim down, then have to bulk up for strength, then slim down again. If you start lifting now, you will bulk up, then slim down. It just makes sense time-wise. Athletes go through many stages of bulking and slimming though as they want different things out of their body.
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