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Default Re: Let's talk about Thomas Robinson

Robinson is 6'9 with a 7'1" wingspan, for a PF that's more than average so he's not going to be limited by size.

People give him a lot of flack for being "unrefined" and a "hustle player". Pure hustle players don't dominate even at the college level like guys like Robinson has. He shows up in the big games as well which is something that guys like Barnes is clearly incapable of.

His skillset isn't comprised of elite post play but it's hell of a lot of better than guys like Drummond (who's going to be a total bust by the way, people who call him a defensive presence have no idea what they're talking about and are solely basing that on his size and athleticism). Thomas has a somewhat decent jump shot and apparently he's been working on his extending his range to the 3.

Robinson is a man, he knows how to work the ball in the post and he's not great, but he's solid. He's got a solid foundation which will make it a lot easier to build upon through coaching unlike a guy like Drummond or Davis who either have no moves whatsoever, don't have the physical body of Robinson to post up down low, or just look straight up uncomfortable. He's also a terrific rebounder and gives it all every time.

I'm trying to think of a comparison and I'd say maybe a taller Paul Millsap? Which is still pretty good and definitely worth a top 5 pick, particularly in this draft.
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