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Originally Posted by tamaraw08
ahh How do you define helluva talent, again?
1.Your leader shoots 42%, contemplated on retiring after registering all time playoff lows, had to go to Germany to get that plasma thing last summer
2. As you whined and cried for 4 years that Fisher is the WORST starting PG, backed up by your detailed stats.
3. YOu also proclaimed that Pau is as soft as puppy crap who grew a female reproductive anatomy.
4. You lose your BEST 6TH man, Lamar Odom to Dallas for nothing.
5. YOu said Steve Blake is a SCRUB!!!
6. You starting center is one of the most selfish players around, losing his cool, getting tossed in couple of games, suspended for 5 games or simply would not hustle when he doesn'tget the ball.
7. YOur bench is arguably the weakest in the entire league, so much so you whined about the managements' inability to sign players like Jeremy Lin..
8. Your starting SF, Metta shot like 18 % from the 3pt area, shot like 33% from the field the first 3 months.
See how it all works out for your argument when you basically trashed everybody from the Lakers roster not named Kobe?
Yeah, thats helluva talent, better than the Clips with thier talent? Memphis?
What about Boston with their big 4 who had a lower record?
Ok I get it, you hate Mike Brown.

A bad coach will make any team worse while a great coach will elevate a bad team or mediocre players, this is a no-brainer.
If we had a better coach we would've had a better result.....don't embarrass yourself trying to argue against this.

The Clippers have a bad coach and a ton of injuries, Memphis had a ton of injuries, for them to have been as close to us in the standings as they were is a complete embarrassment.
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