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Originally Posted by Mr. I'm So Rad
To answer your question, it's $5 towards the price. Those who don't preorder will have to pay more for the DLC later after 2K decides to release it which makes me think that it won't be online compatible.

But the price or the fact that you have to preorder isn't the issue. It's a matter of principle. We aren't talking something extra and brand new that's being introduced like a weapons pack DLC or an extra mission or something. All-Star Weekend is an annual, official NBA event. It's like paying for the inclusion of the draft in 2K.

They could have just fixed the Blacktop stuff and called it All-Star weekend. But they're reselling us something that we've already had and that is supposed to already be in the game. Also, I have a feeling that it'll be a stand-alone mode like the Legends Showcase for 2K12. In addition, there's no talk of this being for Vita or PC (figures, they don't give 2 shits about PC gamers).
Oh for sure. I'm with you on most of that. I was mostly just touching on the initial pricing point.

Unfortunately, with the idea of the All-Star Weekend being an add-on, I too am having doubts it'll be compatible with Associations, Seasons, and My Player. If it is indeed a stand-alone mode, like the Legends DLC, it'll be quite the letdown. I'm betting the mode will be neat, but it'll be all by itself lost in space, as opposed to integrating with the existing game.

Somehow, for NBA2K12, I was sort of alright with a DLC and subsequent price of said DLC, as I convinced myself the DLC fee could have possibly allowed for 2K to afford to include as many legends as they did (I'm a huge legends guy). Again though, I'm not a fan of something integral to the NBA Season (All-Star Weekend) being a stand-alone mode (if that is indeed the case). Your idea of unlockable shoes seems like a perfect DLC choice.
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