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Default Re: If we are drafting a big at #9

I still have mixed feelings on Jones. He definitely has the most potential at where the Pistons are drafting. I really question whether he has a genuine love for the game though. Without that he'll never end up being that good of a player. I really want to see what happens in his workouts. He's a freak of nature athlete. We need to see if he has the drive and determination though.

Besides Jones, I see Zeller and Henson being right there on the board for Detroit.

Looking at a roster with either one of those 3, they'd really need to step up for Detroit to be good next season. We still need another move. We also need guys like Daye and Jerebko to be better. I'd really like to see BG and Charlie gone. They're just killing minutes for others who are the future. I'm very disappointed we couldn't have been a bit worse this season and had a much better pick. I'm one of the people upset at Detroit for trying to win a few extra games. That's not going to win us championships. It doesn't make the rebuilding process go faster.
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