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Default Re: Let's talk about Thomas Robinson

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I agree with most of this. I think in the right situation, he's got a big upside, that I'm curious what you particular would think of. If he gets in the right situation with a premium PG, he's got a lot of the face up blow by game of Amare. He's incredibly physical, and a great athlete, and he's not afraid to use it. Remember it took Amare a few years to refine that elbow J that made his face up game take off, and Robinson has some foundation for that.

I really like him. I wouldn't take him ahead of Gilchrist, but for me he's a lock top 3 - 5 guy.

I agree that in the right situation, his game can grow to reflect more of what Amare had on the offensive end. Though he's tougher and stronger than Amare, I think Amare's got more of that explosive power game (well, had anyways) but I do think Robinson will (hopefully) develop much more of a post up game. And Robinson rebounds.

To be honest, I really think MKG is overhyped. Yeah, he's a bonafide winner, defender and just gives it 100% overall, but a team drafting in the top 3 usually needs a superstar/scoring type of player. Luckily, Washington isn't one of those teams and I'd still definitely take MKG with a top 5 pick, but with a top 3, especially if your team is in dire need of a star? I don't know.

He's pretty limited handle-wise, really used his strength advantage in college to post up smaller guys which won't happen as much in the NBA, and has fairly poor shooting mechanics. I personally don't think MKG will ever make an all-star game but will be a good starter. Then again, there are busts and surprises all the time, and the NBA is what you make of it and MKG tries SO hard. But, from just a pure prospect standpoint, I find MKG really lacking in offensive skills and isn't a transcendent game altering player like Davis. Nothing about him screams superstar, but he's something every team needs.
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