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Default Re: Jeremy Lamb. Who does he remind you of?

Originally Posted by chips93
bad attitude, being the best player on a hugely underachieving team is also a big knock, didnt play very hard

i like him though, in the 8-15 range

played with a poisonous point guard. coach was sick and thus couldn't reign him(Napier) in. Lamb was a catalyst on a national championship team while playing very hard.

This is sounding very similar to how Rudy Gay was hated on back in 2006.

Weaknesses: Though he's just 19 years of age, his sophomore year was supposed to be his to take over college basketball. When that didn't happen, people began to question his desire and intensity and whether he has it in him to become great ... He floats in and out of games, and tended to defer to teammates in clutch situations ... Is it a lack of fire, or just a lack of maturity and confidence? Time will tell ... Unselfish to a fault, like Vince Carter, he almost takes being the perfect teammate too far. He's a star and should act like one ... He still struggles to create offense for himself off the dribble, getting the majority of his baskets off of rebounds, or passes from tammates

And like Gay, teams will regret passing on Lamb for lesser talents.
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