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Originally Posted by DKLaker
Apparently you don't understand what a coach does......if you don't get that there is no point to continue a discussion with you.

Just a hint of 1 thing........having a good offense helps the players respect you, gives the team easy baskets and gives your star players easier scoring opportunities.......YOU'RE WELCOME .

I think having a good coach does make an offense easier for someone to shoot better than 42%.
But with Tam's other points, I don't see how the coach could change these. For example, When Ron was struggling, he was wide open and still missing. It is probably due to his back issues he had this season so I can't blame Ron much. He did get better during mid season after all.

Pau Gasol was soft, is still soft, and will always be soft. I can't see any coach improving that. Not at this age.

Worst starting PG for most of the season. Even you agreed Fisher was terrible. Coach couldn't bring him back to his old days.

No Lamar Odom...Him + Management. That was it. Odom was a moron, and lakers called his bluff.

Phil Jackson couldn't even stop Bynum from being selfish. He had to work around it. A selfish Bynum didn't do that bad this season either. He just has to mature more.

But with player shooting percentages, I agree with you DK. That definitely is an offense issue. I never said Brown was amazing. I think he is average. There are worse coaches than Brown. At least his defensive schemes were good. Bring in Del Negro or Scott Brooks....Del Negro had a team arguably better than the lakers. Younger, more athletic, and better role players and bench. Im surprised LAC brought him back. Scott Brooks has a bunch of young talent. Two superstars, and great role players, and Harden. If he had a losing record, I'd laugh. In my opinion, which is humble, and is not fact, I believe if you put mike brown on those teams, they do significantly better than those two coaches.
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