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Default Re: Gasol for Deng?

Originally Posted by Upgrayedd
I know Deng was beat up with his bad wrist and all but he disappeared a lot. He's not a true second option. He's more of a third option. Gasol is someone you pair up with Rose and it's an awesome combination. Gasol can probably average close to 20/10 for the next 3-4 seasons. You're really going to say that Gasol & Noah wouldn't be one of the best front courts in the NBA? I like Deng but enough of this loyalty crap. No one besides Rose should be safe from being traded.

How many times did Gasol get called out this year for disappearing at poor times?

Gasol sticks the same kind of defense Boozer does.

Gasol will NOT average 20/10 on this team (for 3 seasons mind you), have you watched him since his Grizzly days?

Deng is a top 5 defender at his position and we need him to guard Melo, Bron, Granger, and PP.
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