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Originally Posted by A Roc 23
Roy and Aldrigde haven't played a single NBA game. Pryz hasn't shown much more then some solid defense. Jack and Webster average like a combined 11 points.

Those 5 players added together only equal 17 points at this point in their careers. Obviously that will go up when Roy and Aldridge play and when the 2 rookies improve. We'll see how they look this year, but I have to agree that it is a weak starting point. Miles's and Randolph's contracts hurt them quite a bit.

Well yeah but Jack was playing on a bad ankle last year and Webster was right out of high school. They'll be a lot better this year IMO, they showed potential. Pryzbilla's not a scorer obviously. Roy can come in and have an immediate impact IMO. He was a very good player in college. I think Aldridge can be decent right away too. If they can get anything for ZBo+Miles I think they have a very bright future.
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