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Originally Posted by bk15
I know you guys anint gonna make the p[layoffs this season...some advice loose all ur games get the number 1 pick(and new jerseys) and draft GREG ODEN
The Roster

PG - Lue/Stoudamire/Ivey/Grundy
SG - Johnson/D.Smith/
SF - Childress/Smith/
PF - Harrington/Williams/Jones/Batista
C - Pachulia/S.Williams/Edwards

Free Agent
Al Harrington (FA) (You Guys Really Need Him Back Un Less You Get Someone better so same value..My suggestion is Sign&Trade Him to Portland for Zach Randloph and Joel Przybilla...or Get Iverson

You Guys Need Alot of Pieces or This Team

I don't know how the Hawks need Al Harrington back when they got no place to play him.
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