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Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Easy now last season I was against pau too .

I made comments that if you're getting paid 19 million, you should play well regardless of girl problems.

True professionals separate their personal life from their work. If they can't do that, they take a leave of absence.

As Colin Cowherd has always said (and I believe this to be true to a certain extent) there's two things in life that drive men crazy..... sports and beautiful women. Since Pau plays sports I think he suffers more from the latter. As we've all mentioned at some point, we really appreciate him for his part in two championships here. I just don't see it as a fit anymore. It's not even that he can't be productive.... it's more that this is the Lakers! He's an asset. He needs to be turned into another one. I think more from a business/winning (maybe a bit more winning, lol) perspective. Shed that contract for another player who will bring the team more equity long term. It's certainly possible since the Lakers have more profilts to do so.
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