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Originally Posted by brandonislegend
I bet you every 80% of power forwards/centers can outbench Kevin Love, but he is still stronger because he has a strong core and knows how to use it. Same with Beal compared to Eric Gordon

I understand core and Eric Gordon is built like a tank. Have you seen him slash to the rim and finish with contact over bigs his entire career? There is a reason some have compared him to Wade. Trust me when I say Beal is NOT stronger and in no way PERIOD is he a better prospect outside of rebounding.

Shorter wingspan, slower, weaker, less athletic, worse scorer, worse defender. Eric Gordon is 6'2 220+ pounds with a 6'9 wingspan, 40 inch vertical and superb sprint and agility times. Not to mention before the drama off the court at Indiana Eric Gordon was the number 2 prospect in the nation after Rose for a period of time. Only reason he fell was because people got too caught up on his height.

Beal is getting overrated from what I can tell.
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