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Default Re: NBA 2K13 Discussion

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
This guy's quote is why I'm going with Elite this year.

"Awesome....they are re-adding features from previous 2K games that were taken out for no apparent reason. I'm so stoked.

First major announcement about 2k13 is something that required 0% innovation. Just more reason to NOT pre-order this game."

I mean this online association is so flawed too. 2K12 might be the most overrated game of all time. I used to LOVE to play Live nonstop and earlier 2K games but now they are so dull.
To be fair, I don't remember 2K ever really unveiling anything of merit and note at the beginning of June, even in their up years. This time is usually reserved for showing a glimpse of the next year's game (which at this point still looks like the last year's game) while mentioning some new, relatively worthless implementation (Wii capability, cover athlete, Move controls).

The All-Star Weekend announcement was actually a little more substance than I was expecting at this point. I was planning on 2K announcing the game for the PlayStation Vita or something. And truly, I don't see this as re-introducing the same feature they removed before. The outdoors dunk contest and 3pt. shootout were quite lame in terms of setting and execution (street courts with running street MC and barrels and speakers to jump over). Moving these contests more toward the real life All-Star Weekend is a big step up in my opinion, if done right of course.

My only issue with the ASW report is the fact it'll be available to some users but not all users. This leads me to believe it will not be tied into Associations, My Player, or Seasons, which reduces its coolness by a magnitude of five.

Originally Posted by Fiasco
Don't buy either game. Elite still looks weak, and all 2K is doing is repackaging 2K11 and selling it to you again for $60.
I've accepted imperfection in my basketball games for years. With that, I was still able to extract much enjoyment out of them. I can't really see not buying a new ball game so avoiding both seems out of the question. I loved NBA 2K11 and in fact, even with its pocks, I'm still playing NBA 2K12 (classic teams turn replay value into a bottomless pit).

My real hope for 2K13 is to see defensive ability and player movement shifted back in the direction of 2K11. It seems 2K12 stepped away from what they do best in order to try to meet user's demands of removing contact animations. What they created was a lot of cockroaching, slipping and sliding, and many user defenders accidentally ending up twirling around offensive ballhandlers. I have faith this issue was clear enough it'll be addressed.

And in terms of online connectivity, I am also hopeful the additional year to work on their new online code was enough to finally get most of their ducks in a row (

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