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Default Re: Peterson beats Harvin in uphill race

Originally Posted by ROCSteady
Can you link me to said articles? It would be much appreciated. A friend of mine tore up his knee ligaments 6 weeks ago playing ball. Can barely walk right now

^^^ lots of info in there about Welker's recovery

We should not be shocked by what Welker was able to do just four months after undergoing surgery (and five months after the noncontact injury to his left knee, which also resulted in a medial collateral ligament sprain). Advances in surgical technique and rehabilitation, combined with hard work and the absence of any setbacks, have shortened the timetable for return to activity.

Welker tore his just 4-5 months he came back to 100%

now check this out:

ACL reconstruction has evolved tremendously over the last
several years. This evolution has shown us that we have not yet achieved the optimal solution to the ACL deficient knee.

While the indication is generally accepted that an ACL tear in a young to middle aged person should be treated with surgical reconstruction, the specific techniques and materials that are used have undergone
some dramatic changes. Advanced techniques
now allow the procedure to be done in skeletally
immature athletes while sparing damage to the growth plate. Greater tissue testing and donor safety programs have allowed cadaver grafts (allografts)
to be utilized to a greater degree and with much improved safety parameters. Additionally, newer technologies and improved surgical techniques
have allowed the development of new concepts
for reconstruction including the “All-Inside” or “All-Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction, as well as the Double Bundle ACL reconstruction which uses 2 grafts to more closely mimic the native ACL function.

it isn't the same as it used to be...we have come a long way in a short time
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