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Originally Posted by Lakers_Kobe_Fan
there is really no interest in Beasley...we can have him for Mini MLE...thats my 2 cents

I am in no way going to trade this much Out: Gasol, Blake, 8.9 mill Dallas TPE
In: Lowry, Beasley (S&T) and Millicic (Expirer)

just to get lowry/beasy/millicic

so that going out salary: 23 + 9 = 32mil
coming back salary = 10.9(lowry + Millicic)
Left = 21mil

how much are you planning to pay to Beasy??? even if its a S&T ...

I dont think he is more than max 5mil/yr player

The 9mill trade exception allows the Lakers to take back up to 9mill less in salary. So they only need to get somebody with 3 mill back. Outgoing is actually 23 mill. Incoming would be 11 (lowry + millicic) + however much they pay for beasley.

I don't think the Lakers can get him for the mini MLE.

I would give him a similar deal that was given to Artest a few seasons ago, 3 years at 6 mill a year with a player option for a year after that. Basically slightly more lucrative than the full MLE that other teams have, minus one year. Only teams under the cap can offer him the MLE though I believe, and I think those teams aren't anywhere near being contenders which is a reason why he would prefer this deal.
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