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Originally Posted by Robster89
Tam, I'm not trying to rip Scola. I like him (he especially seems to play well against us). If I could do a Lowery/Scola for Pau deal, at this point, I would do it if there was no better option.
Do my Ariza deal (I'm really pushing that aren't I?), then resign Sessions and Hill. Look at someone like Gerald Green with the MMLE, and take a chance on Lamar with a vet min.

1- Lowery
2- Kobe
3- Ariza
4- Scola
5- Bynum


We'd be a better team.

My point was I would take Smoove over Scola, as I think every GM in the league would at this point. He is a monster defensively, a monster.
He has an amazing year and seems to really be starting to get it.
Scola is past his prime, has knee issues, doesn't play much D, and is slow.
Having him come back as part of a deal to get Lowery wouldn't be so bad though. He could certainly play a part.

It's refreshing to debate with a classy guy like you who don't call me clueless, implying that Im not smart enough to understand his point etc.
Josh is one of the best shot blockers/weakside defenders in the league.
But a quick look at his head to head duels
16 games vs KG, Garnett averaged 20 pts, 58%FG
13 games vs Boozer, Carlos ave 15pts, 51%FG
26 games, Bosh ave. 20pts 49%
If only he can realize that it's very important that he needs to absolutely abandon the 3pt shot and instead take more higher % jump hooks. Then Im on board.
About Ariza, Yes, I like Trevor too.
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