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Default Re: Max Payne 3

Terrific game, very real and disturbing. Maybe the most mature game I have ever played, just a joy from start to finish. More fun then the previous Max Payne titles but NOT as polished. There are things that bugged me about it: the story seemed short and too simplistic. Yes they added twists in there but they were somewhat predictable. They didn't do a great job at characterizing the villains very well and those cut scenes kind of made me dizzy at times.

I beat the game (my first time, on Normal) in less then 7 hours. That disappointed me the most, because the previous Max Payne titles had a pretty long intriguing story. This one didn't live up to the hype but the mechanics are maybe the best I've seen from a 3rd person shooter. Just a beautifully crafted game, I hope they keep utilizing those machanics for future rockstar games, hopefully GTA.

I'd give it a solid 8.5/10!
Long story (more diversified environments), better characterization, A LOT more guns would have made this game one of the very best. But it's still very good. Possibly on the same tier as Uncharted 3 for the best looking title and arguably the best shooting mechanics in any game to date.

Rockstar always pioneers something...
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