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Default Uncharted 3 Problem

Okay so I haven't played this game since December, in the meanwhile a lot of patches were released. I played the game on Hard and beat it 7 days ago; before beginning the game, it downloaded Patch 1.11 for me and the next day it downloaded Patch 1.12. I had no issues with the AIMING for the entire campaign. For some reason two days ago when I wanted to do a crushing run in preparation for the walkthroughs I promised to do for this forum, the AIMING looked off. I have no idea why...

Like it has the "Alternate Aim" option and it does improve the movement but the sensitivity is so damn stiff, there is no way I can kill multiple enemies on crushing with how clunky the aiming is. I didn't have this problem merely 5 days ago.

I don't know if it's the damn Patch 1.12 or what, I am so frustrated with ND over this game due to all the technical difficulties.

I really want to download Patch 1.02 (that they released in November of 2011) to simply fix the aiming, I don't care about any other patch since all of them are to do with multi-player and I stopped playing online a while back.

So how the hell do I download this patch? I tried using PSN with no luck.
Does anyone know how I can go back and download an earlier patch for this game?? I love the game (when it works) and have a strategy I would like to share with you guys...any help would be greatly appreciate.
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