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Default Re: Offseason moves for 2012-2013

Originally Posted by Pushxx
When Bass opts out, he will get $8 million+. That's a hair too much.

Mayo does not want Boston. Neither should Boston. Celtics need frontcourt help considering Rondo and Bradley are cemented for the future. Jeff Green is priority. A stretch 3/4 would be huge for Boston.

The biggest question is do Doc and Danny see something in JJJ. They knew Avery would make it. Hopefully they see signs JJJ could become a starter in this league.

With an offseason and training camp, Moore can easily earn 15 MPG in the backcourt.

That leaves all of our cap space after Green for a center.


Screw mayo Bradley should be our starting 2 guard for the future, his defensive instincts are to damn good for him to be coming off the bench.

Hopefully resign KG for cheap and pray that Jesus will accept coming off the bench and try and sign Ilyasova who was rebounding like a mad men this year
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