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Default Re: Evaluation on SG Prospects

Cleveland Shopping Their Picks

Call them greedy, but the Cleveland Cavaliers were hoping to win the #1 overall pick for the second year in a row. Surely the idea of pairing Kyrie Irving with Anthony Davis was enough to get the entire state of Ohio excited, but not only did they miss out on the top pick, but the entire lottery. Now, they find themselves with the 4th and 24th picks in the draft, and theyíre doing everything they can to move out of that slot.

Chances are if they stay put, theyíll get an opportunity to draft a player that could fill a positional need for them. They need a prototypical center, so Andre Drummond is a real possibility. They need a small forward, and Michael-Kidd Gilchrist is about as perfect a fit for Irving as there is in this draft. They need a scorer to run alongside their franchise point guard, and Bradley Beal has been tagged as just such a player.

Thomas Robinson would be an upgrade over Tristan Thompson, but not enough of one to warrant selecting him over the other guys mentioned above who answer much more pressing needs.

Thatís why the rumored offer of Clevelandís two first-rounders going to Charlotte in exchange for the #2 likely is with some player other than Robinson in mind. The Bobcats are reportedly very interested in Drummond (though itís a mystery as to why considering Bismack Biyombo, a center, is their most promising player), and Washington has been pegged as a good fit for Kidd-Gilchrist. If one of those two players ended up topping their boards, that could warrant a trade up.

Kidd-Gilchrist, one of the best transition players in college basketball last year, would be an awesome fit in Cleveland, especially since he seems much more like a career second-fiddle than a career alpha dog. Heíll do much better in a place like Cleveland or Washington than Charlotte or Toronto for that exact reason.

However, if the Cavs canít swing that deal (and for the reasons listed at the top of this article regarding Robinson and the Bobcats, thereís a good chance they canít), then Bob Finnan of the Morning Journal suggests they could pursue a deal with Portland that would swap the #4 and #24 for the Blazersí #6 and #11 picks. In this scenario, Cleveland could use the #6 pick to select UConn guard Jeremy Lamb, who they reportedly see as a perfect complement to Irving in the Cavsí backcourt.

Thereís even the suggestion that if they canít swing a deal, Cleveland might rate Lamb higher than Beal on their list of top shooting guards anyway, and based on early workouts that might not be as crazy as some fans think. Beal has reportedly been stiff and slow at workouts, and Lamb is generally considered to have a higher ceiling. The fourth pick might be a little high for him, but if the Blazers agreed to swing that deal, it could benefit both parties. At #4, Portland could get a player like Drummond or Harrison Barnes that might not have been available to them two picks later.

The early word is that there are a lot of teams looking to trade out of their first-round picks this year, and that could mean big moves at the draft in a few weeks. Expect Cleveland to lead the charge and be one of the more aggressive teams along those lines.
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