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Default Re: Max Payne 3

Originally Posted by Ai2death
I think Max Payne 2 was shorter. Personally I think this one is the best.

Best gameplay sure, no doubt. The story itself was not as refined as Max Payne 2. Max Payne 1/2 are sacred Xbox titles, I don't think Max Payne 3 will be as highly regarded for the newer generation consoles.

1) Cutscenes
2) Short story
3) Lack of characterization

If you're going to attempt to tell a story from different time periods, the game has to be longer otherwise there is too much left untold. Max appeared in NJ and Brazil, 3-4 chapters was dedicated to his story in NJ. That's fine and all, but the story seemed entangled in the middle. The start and finish were good but the middle was weird. I can't really explain why. Perhaps not much was said about the main villains in the game at all, it was all held a secret until the last 2 chapters. They should have made the game longer, the length of a game is a very important criteria to me. A game like Uncharted 2 was perfect in every way...a story mode consisting of 10-14 hours depending on your skill level, the pacing, characterization, scenery and gameplay was top notch.

This game has similar characteristics but lacks pacing, characterization and even the environment seemed somewhat repetitive to me.
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