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Originally Posted by miggyme1
I have to agree

The game was short too short. I wanted at least 20+ chapters!

The story was a little confusing. The villians didnt have much character. I miss games where u couldnt wait to fight the final boss cuz their character was so nasty and disgusting and you knew thet had to be dealt wit. In max payne 3 it was so just like ok hey bad guy bye bad guy.

Graphics were moviesque. Very good. Voice acting was superb.

I loved the sequences when time slows down automatically and u get unlimited ammo. Example: end of the stage wen u on the boat with passos and u hit the ramp.

Now the multiplayer is wat really makes this game a shining star. Its gears of war meets cod meets gta with a max payne twist.

If you got this game and you not playin multiplayer u wasting your money. Im not gonna get into details but trust this statement. The multiplayer is just as good as the story.

If they decide to make a max payne 4 i hope they bring it back to the united states. Brazil was cool and all but i mean come on max payne was an american hero or should i say he is.i would have like to see him in present day miami,cali,vegas,of course new york and the whole tri state area. Him being in brazil kinda was like ok but y brazil?lol

All in all its a great game. A must buy

Why brazil? Probably because NY has already been done to death lol. I liked the change of scenery. But I do see where your coming from
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