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I am a Raptor fan; live in Toronto area.

Anyhow, funny how much criticism Milicic has received. In some of the postings in the Raptors section there were discussion (and criticisms) regarding why we picked a european #1 this year and compared Bargnani past european players who failed (one being Milicic).

Last I checked Milicic just turned 21. Still a young guy. Nobody considers that he played behind several veteren players in Detroit for Larry Brown for 2 years. Brown I don't believe likes to develop players. As well it was a team built to win a championship already not rebuilding. How is a young player going to develop in that situation? Maybe he did not deserve to be taken so high however he can play and as stated he needs to gain confidence which will happen as he plays more. There are flashes of a very good player. Another 3 years and he will still only be 24 and should be a lot better.

The Magic have some good young talent and the future is looking brighter.
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