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Default Re: NBA potential of Jared Sullinger

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I really like Sullinger in that mid lottery range. And the reason I do is because I feel like I know exactly what I'm going to get out of him. Sure his ceiling isn't great because he's forever going to be limited by being less than a great athlete, and a tiny bit undersized.
But he's also got some other assets that you're not going to have to gamble on. He's gonna catch it almost always. He's gonna go to war on the glass. He's gonna be reliable around the rim. And if he's got an advantage on the block, you're gonna be able to count on him to take advantage of it. And when he's double teamed he's a good passer.

He developed his jumper a bit this year, and I've seen really high end comps on him of Kevin Love. "If he can stretch his range to the three point line ... ". To me that seems really optimistic, but I get where it's coming from. Then there's some Tyler Hansborough comps because of his effort and ability to hit the mid range, but Sullinger is a much more refined post threat than Hansborough is even now.
If anyone remembers how good Chris Gatling was at his peak, that to me is sort of where Sullinger sits in my mind. He'd be a great bench big to run your offense through when you're normal go to's are resting because he'll create DTs against sub players.

I think there's a big philosophical question on how you view prospects based on wheather you take Sullinger or Perry Jones at say 7 in this draft if they're both available.

If he falls to 15 I'd take him. So far I have Sullinger then Austin Rivers as 2 prospects I'd like the Sixers to take given better prospects havent dropped to 15 of course. Rivers because Lou Williams plans to opt out his contract. Given he had a pretty good 6th man candidate run and Thad Young got a $40mil 5yr deal? I can see Lou trying to get a better deal than what he initially signed for (5yrs $25mil). Rivers could replace Lou at a cheaper cost.

Not sure what to make of Sully. Chris Gatling name drop is an interesting one.
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