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Default Re: A Game of Thrones

Originally Posted by rezznor
btw, here is a little bit of speculation for those who haven't read the books. i don't consider this a spoiler, since GRRM hasn't confirmed anything.

remember syrio, arya's "dancing" instructor from Braavos? In season one, he holds off the Lannisters to give Arya a chance to escape. We never see his presumed death onscreen, and it happened the same way in the books.

Then we meet Jaqen, who also happens to be from Braavos, who also helps Arya out. we later find out that Jaqen is a bad ass assassin who can change his appearance.

alot of people have speculated that syrio and jaqen are the same person. it may be wishful thinking, but both characters are fan favorites and it would be cool if that's how it turns out.

Just something for u guys to think about while we wait for season 3...
I was thinking the same.
But, wasn't the guy sent to pick up Arya when she was practicing with Syrio the same guy who tried to kill Tyrion in Blackwater battle?
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