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Originally Posted by ljsbb27
Understood, but if he can come back in February 100% and help us make a run to finish the season and in the playoffs as well... why not?

I want him to be completely healed too and for him to not re-injure himself, but I think we don't sit him just to sit him. Don't think it has to be the full year. February would be 9 months. We'll see.

He would be the first ACL-tear victim in the NBA history to recover to 100% that fast. Setting records above and beyond any star-caliber player to do so. If he can be 100%, then I'm game. History shows us that he wont be 100% until 2013-14.

Why not? Because it might be a lost season for us. We may use it as a player development season, and if we are lottery bound, then so be it.
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