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Originally Posted by JMT

At #2 you better be sure you're getting a guy who is going to be a solid pro, who can weather the growing pains and still be productive while learning the NBA game.

That's MKG. He can do enough to help the team while he's developing as an NBA scorer. I don't see that in Beal.

On the flip side, Charlotte is absolutely desperate for a guy who can score. Don't get me wrong, I love MKG and how he hustles his ass on every play and is a very versatile defender. However, he was the 4th/5th option (at best 3rd) on the UK team, didn't show much offensive versatility- a lot of his offense was getting down low versus smaller guys from what I've seen, and his shot is absolutely horrendous. Who knows how long it'll take for MKG to develop an offensive repertoire or if he'll ever even develop one.

Only problem is, a lot of the scoring guys in Beal or Lamb aren't worth the 2nd pick either.

Personally, I think they'd be better served either trading down for multiple first round picks this year or taking Robinson.
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