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Default Re: Evaluation on SG Prospects

Originally Posted by Snoop_Cat
Doron Lamb is NOT a good finisher on the inside. Yeah, he's like Parker in the sense that he does that little floater thing, but no where near as consistently, and he doesn't have the moves in getting inside as someone like Parker.

He's a sick shooter and did a solid job at PG considering he's a natural 2, but YOU are wrong about Lamb.

I even just looked up his profile on DraftExpress. He only shoots 46% inside the arc and his lack of explosiveness and skill inside makes him a relatively mediocre finisher on the inside, which I agree with. His primary asset will be as a shooter and will probably do very little facilitating at the NBA level.

Stats can only tell you so much, as someone who watched every second of his career at UK, I saw him finish many a tough shot. And again, he converted on fast breaks and drew and 1's constantly.

We'll have to agree to disagree, but I don't know how you could come to the conclusion he's a bad finisher if you watch him play alot. Maybe it's not a plus-skill, but in no way is he a poor finisher. He's very crafty.

As far the PG thing, I just threw that in there to show he definitely has some versatility in his game. I'm not expecting him to get PG minutes in the NBA, but that ability informs his game overall.
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