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Default Re: Evaluation on SG Prospects

Originally Posted by ukfan22
Stats can only tell you so much, as someone who watched every second of his career at UK, I saw him finish many a tough shot. And again, he converted on fast breaks and drew and 1's constantly.

We'll have to agree to disagree, but I don't know how you could come to the conclusion he's a bad finisher if you watch him play alot. Maybe it's not a plus-skill, but in no way is he a poor finisher. He's very crafty.

As far the PG thing, I just threw that in there to show he definitely has some versatility in his game. I'm not expecting him to get PG minutes in the NBA, but that ability informs his game overall.

Sounds fair enough, it's natural for people to have different opinions on a matter. Would you agree though that Lamb's ceiling is probably at a decently good starter and his floor is a solid role player? I think Lamb's a pretty safe prospect in that you know what you're getting for him.

As far as Dion Waiters goes, I like the guy. Not as much as I like what is (in my book) the three SGs (J.Lamb, Beal, Ross) but he's good, though the Wade comparisons are fairly unwarranted.

He's short and not particularly long though I THINK that the Wade comparison(s) came in the fact that Waiters likes to take it hard and strong to the rim and operates well in the fast break. As well as his intensity and power shown both on the defensive side and on offense.

I don't know as much as I do about Waiters as other prospects but I think some people have praised his half court, particularly his PnR ability. He's decently explosive and is good at powering his way through using picks and things like that but I don't think he can play PG like a lot of people suggest because of a few reasons - lack of experience at the spot, inconsistent shooting, and good court vision ... all things that I think need to be improved because he is a bit short so he might be expected to run point a bit.

Again, just my opinion, so take with grain of salt.
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