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Default Re: Cantor Gaming releases NFL season win totals

Over for the Cardinals IF the team plays like they did in the 2nd half of last season. The Cards were straight up beasting on defense for the last 8 or so games of the season once Ray Horton's new defensive system finally started to catch on with the players, and once the rookies+new players started to play a lot better. They flew way under the radar because they started out so poor. But they wont go unnoticed this year if they keep it up. And now that they'll have an actual full offseason to continue to work on that defensive system, and some of the players that were injured and didn't play last year are going to be healthy, it should do them some good as well. I expect them to win about 9-10 games, give or take, depending on if the defense continues to play at an elite level, and depending on how the rest of the division plays.

Fun fact you probably didn't know: During the second half of the year Arizona's 3rd Down Defense was so good that it shot them up to the #1 spot FOR THE WHOLE YEAR in the 3rd down defense category. Even better than the much hyped Ravens and Lions, who were the #2 and #3 spots in that category.

That's impressive considering how for the first 7 or 8 games of the season they were piss poor defensively and looked confused and lost on the field and the players weren't running Ray Horton's new defense system well at all. True definition of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde team... I couldn't believe they managed to finish 8-8 after starting out 1-6.

Just hope they continue to keep up that kind of defense. No sophomore slump. It's just a shame this team doesn't have a legit QB, or they'd be legit SB contenders. Really wish Peyton would've came and thrown to Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd. Would've been art in motion.

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