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Shaun Powell: Hornets will entertain offers for 10th pick if someone also agrees to take Ariza or Okafor contracts. Twitter

Looks like Ariza/Jack(and Vasquez) works for Devin, Earl and Raja. Throw in whatever picks to make it work. Ariza has 2 more years on his deal. While not the great shooter they need and a bit overpaid he could be a good fit and they could afford him even though he cuts into what could be big cap space next year. Jack could start or ideally come off the bench as a combo guard and again not the great shooter they need but a good fit especially off the bench and coming off a career year. Also an expiring contract at a bit less than half of the 3 guys the Jazz give up. The 10th pick they could probably get Marshall or Lilliard. Vasquez looks like a pretty good fit too though not a great shooter either if you want him thrown in on the deal as well. With his size he could play next to Jack.

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