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Default Ubisoft's Watch Dogs

This has been the steal the show stuff from E3 this year, and there's a nearly 10 minute video of seemingly game play footage.

Ubisoft is a pretty damn reliable house, considering the quality of the Assassin's Creed games, even if they are a bit repetitive in their design.

Like AC, this thing appears to be open world. And from the footage, it appears the Chicago city they've built (which by the way is a great city for an open world game, and one I thought would be cool for the next GTA when no one knew it was gonna be a redo), looks to be teeming with life and interactivity (which may not be a word).

The story appears really compelling, as it looks like a play off of the Big Brother concept, something inspired by the flick Enemy of the State (with Gene Hackman and Will Smith). Set in the not so distant future, it also seems loaded with cool gadgets to use.

And on the gameplay front the way it seems to point on the interactivity on screen looks like something pretty innovative.

I found this looking for footage of The Last Of Us, and now I'm at least as intrigued by this if not more so.
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