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Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
I disagree. I don't think people want perfection. People want what is guaranteed and promised. For example they promised viable and great defense this year and it took a big step back in actuality. They promised improved online play and the servers are more unstable than ever before.
Not to disagree for the sake of disagreement, but I'm not sure I recall 2K promising viable and great defense for 2K12. What I do recall is 2K's assertion they'd removed a lot of the bumping and contact that folks had complained about defensively from the year before.

In 2K11, many users felt offensive players would lock into brief contact animations when they'd attempt to drive and did not succeed. As such, it felt as if 2K attempted to rid of as much faux-contact as they could for 2K12, using a new, relatively cheap defensive system not entirely based in real-life physics as a way to make amends. Essentially, it felt like a move based on the idea of, "You want us to get rid of contact animations when attempting to dribble drive? Okay, we'll get rid of contact animations when you dribble drive. Let's see how you like that."

I honestly feel it's clear to everyone (including 2K) their altered system did not work in 2K12. I don't expect a ton of change from one year of a sports game to the next, but I am sort of expecting a positive defensive change.

Originally Posted by Timmy D for MVP
What they really need to do is fix the server problem.

No other game gives me the troubles. FIFA SOMETIMES has trouble, but other than that it's awesome. Yet 2K constantly boots me or won't connect.
That's actually the other main aspect I expect to change. Considering their history, I'm still not sure I'd expect a super-smooth flowing online game at all times, but I expect a very high percentage of their online troubles to be cured. I do not play online personally, but I use the online feature for other things (2KShare, YouTube uploads, PressBook uploads). Everything related to online was jacked up in 2K12, and I believe it's the result of 2K deciding to re-write every line of their online code last year. Supposedly their online system's code dated back to the Dreamcast, so they felt last year would be the time to re-build things a bit. Obviously, the kinks were not worked out in time, but I feel an entire extra year to work that stuff out is going to leave a good chance of clearing a lot of those problems up.

Here's an article on the online re-write for those interested:

Of course, I say all the above optimistically because I am a fan of the 2K series and I'd like nothing more than to have one heck of an upgrade to purchase come October. NBA Live is going to be a tough purchase for me as long as 2K continues to have such a deep pool of classic players and teams while Live (until further notice) has none.

Edit: An excerpt I read a moment ago from an IGN preview (which was otherwise a relatively worthless article):
We got a look at NBA 2K13 in a behind-closed-doors demo at E3 today and it appears they haven't missed a beat since the stellar 2K12. Longtime series producer Rob Jones talked of developer Visual Concepts' plans to amp up the fluidity and natural timing of the post-play reactions and celebrations, while he also aims to achieve a "true balance" between offense and defense by allowing the defender to be more physical with the ball-handler.
So at least in theory and talk, there does seem to be some recognition of the defensive issues present in 2K12.

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