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Default Re: ever get with a girl you work with?

For about eight months I wheeled the daughter of the guy who managed all of the stores in the region for that company. All three daughters worked there actually. I ****ed around with the middle one. She was 18 going into university when I first met her. I was a few years older. Not necessarily sketchy, but definitely not a girl I introduced to my friends. Kind of a nice feeling when her dad would come in and everyone in the department would shake his hands and I would think to myself "That hand has been places you don't wanna know about." lol

She was pretty good looking. Serbian. Model body (almost my height). Didn't **** with her the last six or so months I worked there and then didn't really talk to or see her again after I quit except for a couple times when I was working at a club. Nothing more than a head nod both ways. lol

Serbians have amazing high, but soft cheeks. I guess that goes for the other countries in that region too, but Serbians are awesome. Went through a streak of four or so around that time. For a couple of them, I didn't know they were part Serbian till after.
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