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Originally Posted by KG215
Some Chad Ford Tweets.!/chadfordinsider

I've seen some posters mention Thomas Robinson is too small to be a good NBA PF, or at least one worth a top 3-5 pick. I don't know where they got that from because he always looked like he was a legit 6'9"ish to me when I watched them play. But when you combine that with a 7'3" wingspan and his great athleticism and leaping ability, then he's more than big enough to play PF in the NBA.

Apparently Dion Waiters is shooting up draft boards. That's kind of a surprise but he also didn't stand out as much playing for a deep Syracuse team who didn't have one true star or superstar.

Oh, and I'm a little surprised to see Barnes measured at a legit 6'8". Some said he might actually be closer to 6'6" in socks. Of course the 6'8" measurement might have been in shoes, it doesn't clarify.

Elton Brand averaged 2.5 blocks per game for a season and 2 blocks multiple years despite being 6'8 due to a great wingspan like Robinson. Robinson will be just fine.
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