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Originally Posted by LBJMVP
they are virtually the same except gee has proven himself

great defense
both the same height
both struggle with their shot
both can get inside
both have alot of athleticism

MKG is not worth the second pick... andre iguodala ceiling
My god, man...

First, Gee is a pretty good defender. MKG is going to be an elite defender in this league and probably soon. He has all of the things that go into a great defender (not merely good)... Excellent on-ball, versatile (can defend positions 1-3/4), plays the passing lanes well, can protect the rim...

He will be an elite defender in the NBA. I've never been so sure of a perimeter player's ability on that end of the floor.

Offensively, he is a freak athlete with a great first step, an excellent handle for his position and a great ability to finish around the basket. He doesn't have much wasted motion and he is also a very good passer for his position (he made many, many hockey assists in his first year at Kentucky for wide open shots).

In transition, he will be one of the best players in the league (both offensively and defensively).

His rebounding is way above average for his position, both offensively and defensively.

Also, while his shooting stroke isn't great, it also isn't as awful as some will have you believe. Awful shooters don't make 75-percent of their free throws in their freshman year in college. He is a hard enough worker to become a capable shooter and, considering his athleticism and all of the others areas he excels in...

If this guy isn't a No. 2 pick, who the hell is? Gee would be best suited as a rotation player on a good team. MKG would be a vital cog on a good team... A perimeter Ibaka, if you will. Comparing MKG to Gee is flat-out disrespectful for a guy who offers this much to whomever takes him.

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