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Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack

Offensively, he is a freak athlete with a great first step, an excellent handle for his position and a great ability to finish around the basket. He doesn't have much wasted motion and he is also a very good passer for his position (he made many, many hockey assists in his first year at Kentucky for wide open shots).

In transition, he will be one of the best players in the league (both offensively and defensively).

Also, while his shooting stroke isn't great, it also isn't as awful as some will have you believe. Awful shooters don't make 75-percent of their free throws in their freshman year in college. He is a hard enough worker to become a capable shooter and, considering his athleticism and all of the others areas he excels in...

Well, not going to weigh in on the fact that MKG is an amazing defender and obviously better than Gee.

However, I must disagree with some of your points regarding his offense.

To start off, his handle is NOT excellent by any means. He's a beast in the open court, but in a half court setting, he's really not a guy you can run an offense through. You're not going to want him to much ball handling, doing iso's/breaking defenses down and while he's a good and a willing passer he's not exactly a playmaker for either people either. He's not a guy that can slash or find space using his handles but moreso depends heavily on that first step.

Now I realize that all you did was give him credit for a good handle, but considering it's at the SF spot at a top 3 pick, I would hope that he's much more capable of offensively. However, this isn't his fault but more of the fact that the draft isn't that great star wise. Also, the key word with offense is "in transition". Considering he's not the best half court player, a lot of his success as a scorer will rely on the tempo of the team, which makes him limited in that regard.

A lot of his offense in Kentucky from what I saw was powering down and posting smaller players thanks to Jones and Davis. But I don't know if that kind of stuff will fly in the NBA.

I do think that his shot mechanics will improve, but until they do, it's REALLY going to hurt him. Shooting stroke and free throw shooting is really different in my opinion. Because he shoots so damn weird and from a low release point, it affects a lot of things in his game - off the dribble, pull up, shooting in transition, increasing the likelihood of getting blocked, etc.

He's a damn good player, no doubt, but he's got a holes he needs to fix.
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